Cochin Chickens

Cochin Chickens

Cochins were originally bred in China and later exported to Britain and America in the mid 19th century. As a very distinctive breed of chicken, it apparently created a bit of a craze among poultry lovers in the English-speaking world, effectively launching Poultry Fancy as we know it today.

Once in the United States, the breed underwent considerable development into its current state. Now many people raise the Bantam Cochin.

The most distinctive feature of the Cochin is the excessive plumage that covers the leg and foot. They are cute puff balls of feathers. The skin beneath the feathers is yellow and the egg color is brown. Eggs are medium in size.

Color varieties can include buff, red, black, partridge, blue, silver laced, mottled, splash, golden laced, white, barred and more. Cochins also come in a variety called frizzled, in which the feathers are turned outward.

Cochins are well known as good mothers, even as foster mothers for other breeds, and they can lay lots of eggs, but usually not for extended periods of time.

Cochins are also known to be good pet hens for the garden, as they are tame and regarded as one of the most friendly chicken breeds. Cochins are also quiet chickens. They rarely crow or cluck, usually only when laying eggs. We love our Cochins!

Photo of our Black Bantam Cochin, Phil.

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