1. You Might Be A Chicken Ju...

When we decided to get a few chickens for our acreage, we never dreamed that we would be overrun with poultry within 6 short months.

2. WV Fall Chickenstock R...

The fall WV Chickenstock is almost upon us. This is one of the last swaps of the year, so if you need some hens, a turkey, some Guineas or Peacocks, try to stop on by.

3. Hatching Chickens The Old...

I think I inherited my love of chickens from my grandmother. She raised hens and hatched baby chicks by the hundreds...

4. Why Do You Want To Get Ch...

The answer to this question will help you decide which type of chickens would suit your needs and which breed would be best for you.

5. Which Chicken Breed Is Be...

The physical traits used to distinguish chicken breeds are size, plumage color, comb type, skin color, number of toes, amount of feathering, earlobe color, egg color, and place of origin.
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Rooster Spur Removal

Rooster Spur Removal

I was recently asked by another Chicken Junkie how she could remove the spurs on her ornery Rhode Island Red Rooster. He would attack anyone who turned their back on him.
Chicken Poop Control – The Deep Litter Method

Chicken Poop Control – The Deep Li...

The Deep Litter Method is not only a good way to keep the chicken coop smelling sweet, it also gives you a head start on your garden compost pile.
How To Hatch Chicks – Dry Hatch Method

How To Hatch Chicks – Dry Hatch Me...

We just set our first batch of eggs in our new HovaBator 1620 still air incubator. We plan on adding a fan to the incubator for the next hatch, but are experimenting a bit with this clutch of 22 eggs.
Poultrygeist at Gower’s Feed in Ranson, WV

Poultrygeist at Gower’s Feed in Ra...

We're having a POULTRYGEIST!!! A place where you can buy, sell, trade or swap anything poultry or small animal or farm related. Store discounts too!
Vaulted Skulls In Silkies

Vaulted Skulls In Silkies

A vaulted skull is a hole or unclosed portion of bone in the top portion of the Silkie's skull. This genetic trait was introduced into silkies via crosses with the Polish breed of chickens. The Polish were bred into Silkies to improve crest size. Often chickens are bred to another breed to get new colors, traits and types.
Chicken Palooza in Elkins, WV On  Oct.1st

Chicken Palooza in Elkins, WV On Oct.1s...

The Chicken Palooza is this weekend in Elkins, WV. It will be held at the Tractor Supply Company at 800 BEVERLY PK - Elkins, WV. 26241 and start at 8:00am.
Video – From Egg To Chick

Video – From Egg To Chick

Cool YouTube video that shows how chicks develop in the egg, all the way from day one.
WV Chickenstock at Gower’s Feed in Ranson, WV.

WV Chickenstock at Gower’s Feed in...

West Virginia Chickenstock is a buy/sell/trade event where anyone is welcome to buy and anyone is welcome to show up that morning and sell.
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