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This page is dedicated to questions people ask about Poultry.

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  1. Kristine says:

    Hi…ok…how do I get my hen to hatch her own eggs? Can I have 2 roosters in the pen or will they kill each other? How do I know in the winter when it gets so cold that my chickens wont freeze to death? Is a 10×10 pen with a rooster and 5 hens big enough? I have so many questions but thats a good start…and yes…I am a chicken Junkie. I would let the chickens out of the pen but Im afraid the hound will kill them or they will get lost.

  2. admin says:

    To get a hen to hatch her own eggs, she has to go broody. Some hens will go broody as soon as they lay an egg or two and others never will. Has to do with the breeds a lot.

    You can have roosters together in a pen. They may or may not fight to gain seniority. They usually work it out, but till they decide who is boss, it can be rough.

    Chickens are very hardy to cold. As long as you don’t have a drafty coop, they will be fine. They need ventilation, to keep humidity down, but not cold air blowing on them.

    They say about 4 sq. ft. per bird is good. Depends on if you let them out to free range at times, or if you keep interesting treats and toys for them in the pen. Hope I answered your questions.

  3. Jackie says:

    Any suggestions? One week old turkey poults are slowing dying one at a time. Takes about 3-4 days. Symptoms start with lethargy. Then they stand with their eyes closed. Then they cannot stand. Then they lie on their sides peeping and start breathing hard. Then they succumb. Has anyone seen this set of symptoms? Does it have a name?

    This is our first flock. After shipping we were down to 31 poults from 40 ordered – have lost four more. Three more are on their way out. They had a hard ship from Wisconsin to Texas during two hot days (lost 9 during shipping). The brooder has 6 inches of pine shaving flakes. They can handle our heat here (95+ degrees).

    We are feeding an organic 24% turkey starter. It contains corn. We added whole grain millet as a top dressing and also kelp meal.

    We are adding vinegar to their water as well as vitamins. Last two day we have been feeding hard boilded eggs with kelp meal and sprouted grains. They eat it all up – love it!

    Maybe should destroy the feed? Would appreciate some insight. Thanks.

  4. chansenAdmin says:

    Do they have Cocci maybe. Get them on Sulmet. Give them some plain Yogurt to straighten out their tummy too. Just mix a spoonful in their starter/grower.

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