Chicken Palooza in Elkins, WV On Oct.1st

Chicken Palooza in Elkins, WV On  Oct.1st

The Chicken Palooza is this weekend in Elkins, WV. It will be held at the Tractor Supply Company, 800 BEVERLY PK – Elkins, WV. 26241, and start at 8:00am. Lots of people are coming looking for chickens, rabbits, and used farm items. Tell your friends and go check out the Chicken Palooza. This is a FREE and fun community event you won’t want to miss.


Upthehollerfeatherfarm Shirley, WV. says…
We have been to the Palooza and enjoyed how friendly everyone was and how we were treated. And how things were set up and ran. Some REALLY nice people



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One Response to “Chicken Palooza in Elkins, WV On Oct.1st”

  1. Angie Tollette (Fowler) says:

    Ol… How I miss all these wonderful events !!!

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