Eggs Are Good For Your Vision

Eggs Are Good For Your Vision

Did you know…

The rich yellow/orange color of egg yokes can help protect your eyes from macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness in people over 65.

The protection comes from zeaxanthin, one of the two plant pigments that concentrate in the retina of the eye where they help filter out harmful blue light.

When this benefit first was recognized, leafy green vegetables were thought to be the best sources of both zeaxanthin and lutein ~ the other pigment that protects eyes.

Now, new analysis finds that while most greens are rich in lutein, they are rather low in zeaxanthin.

In research published in the October 2006 issue of the “Journal of Nutrition,” Goodrow and colleagues found that eating only one egg per day for five weeks increased blood lutein and zeaxanthin by more than a third.

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The top three sources of zeaxanthin are egg yolks, corn and orange peppers.

Spinach omelet anyone?

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