Chicken Eggs… the Perfect Food

Chicken Eggs… the Perfect Food

Did you know that chicken eggs have natural defenses that keep them bacteria-free?

Eggs have three lines of defense against contaminants: the shell, the membrane inside the shell and the egg white, which contains microbe-fighting proteins.

These three layers are very successful at keeping almost all nasty germs out of the egg. This is good to know, because some people worry about eggs that get stained or pooped on in the nest.

Not to worry…

In actuality, contaminated eggs are usually made that way by contaminated chickens. The eggs are contaminated inside the hen before she even lays them. This usually happens because the hen lives in horrendous conditions.

As a backyard chicken fancier, this makes me feel pretty dang good. As long as I keep my hens healthy and happy, I’m assured that the fresh eggs they lay for me are salmonella and bad bacteria free.

Since my flock free ranges and and has plenty of clean food and water, they’re much less likely to get sick than chickens crammed into cages in a nasty confinement and fed antibiotics and who knows what else.

I also found out that the myth about getting high cholesterol from eggs is just that, a myth. As long as the eggs you eat are from healthy chickens that live the life chickens were supposed to live, scratching in the dirt and eating bugs and grains, eggs are a perfect food. They contain a multitude of vitamins that are necessary for our own health. So get egg-cited about eggs.

It seems like lots of people are finally catching on and getting a backyard flock of their own. Many cities now allow small coops and flocks inside of city limits.

Healthy Food: Yet another great reason to have backyard chickens.

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