Free Range Eggs Or Store Bought

Free Range Eggs Or Store Bought

There are so many people that don’t know the difference between eggs from free range or pastured hens, eggs from hens kept in a coop and/or run, and the eggs bought at the supermarket.

Check out the photo at left:

The light yellow, runny, small egg on the bottom right is… you guessed it, a store bought, large egg. Wonder how much nutrition is left in it after being stored for who knows how long.

The big light orange egg on the left is from a neighbor who keeps her huge Brahma hens in a coop with a nice outside run. They get some greens, the occasional bug and goodies in the dirt, but are not free range. They mostly just get layer mash. Have you ever checked out what’s in mash? A lot of the protein comes from tankage… dead animals that died because they were sick or euthanized. It also contains protein from meat that is not fit for human consumption. Hummm. And don’t forget the soy… is it good for your hens or you for that matter. Out to lunch on that one.

The dark orange, mile high egg on the top is from one of my free range, pastured Red Sexlink pullets. Her eggs will only get bigger with age. But, notice how orange, upright and firm that egg looks compared to the other two. The white is not runny and the egg doesn’t spread out in the pan. Wait till you taste one… BIG DIFFERENCE!

Free Range chickens that have been allowed to eat their natural diet of worms, grubs, bugs, weeds, seeds, grass and other such chicken delights have a dramatically different egg.

They are higher in omega 3 than contained hens. They have more vitamins and protein. Studies have shown that free range eggs don’t contribute to high cholesterol like store bought eggs do.

Imagine that!

When raising your own eggs or buying locally from a free range farmer, you are also cutting down on the carbon imprint, because you don’t have to drive to the store to buy them. You are cutting down on pesticides and herbicides, cause you won’t need to use them. You won’t have to buy fertilizer, the hens provide it free.

Sounds like a win – win situation to me.

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One Response to “Free Range Eggs Or Store Bought”

  1. Bert says:

    Wow, Very good post. I never thought there was such a difference between store bought eggs and free range. Amazing!

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