Gower’s Feed in Ranson, WV is having a Chickenstock June 1st.

Gower’s Feed in Ranson, WV is having a Chickenstock June 1st.

We’re having a Chickenstock!!!  

Gower's Feed Store

Gower’s Feed Store

When:  June 1st, 2013  8am – 1pm
Where: Gower’s Feed Store parking lot 1208 N Mildred St, Ranson, WV 25438

What to bring:

Laying Hens
Started Pairs and Trios
Showy Bantams
Hatching Eggs (no eating eggs unless you are properly certified)
Farm/Country Crafts
Basically anything farm and poultry related.

Who will be there: 

This is a Buy/Sell/Trade poultry swap and it is FREE to attend and FREE to setup as a vendor. It will be organized by local poultry hobbyists and is open to the public. There will be a WV tester on site.

Poultry- Out of State-  Must be NPIP certified and have forms showing test dates for Pullorum typhoid testing (within 90 days)  or forms showing that birds originated from a PT clean flock and all out of state birds must also show negative Avian Influenza testing (within 10 days of sale).  Poultry can also travel on Certificate of Veterinary Inspection with these test dates listed as previously mentioned.
Sheep/Goats- All sheep and goats must be Scrapie tagged OR tattooed with registration papers present.  If from out of state then must also have Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (health certificate from vet) which is good for 30 days.
Equine- All horses/ponies/donkeys, etc must have a negative Coggins test dated within 1 year.  If out of state then must also have Certificate of Veterinary Inspection within 30 days.
In state poultry- can be tested day of Chickenstock or bring their NPIP paperwork showing testing results.  (Arrive early – 7am as there may be a line.)
We also ask that no one start selling before 8am, so that everyone has time to setup and get ready. Also, the people who come at 8am will find what they drove all the way to see.

If you plan on selling, get there early enough to get your birds tested and setup before things get started and don’t forget to bring boxes to send your birds home in.

Stay  tuned to this thread for more updates as they come in. We will keep an updated list of what’s coming and what people are looking for. This is a rain or shine event.

For more info:

Call Linda at (304) 728-7777
Call Ronnie at (304)825-3076 or email him at chickenstock25401@gmail.com
Call Carol (304)433-8052 or email her at chickenjunkies@gmail.com
We thank you for your support!

Please share the flyer everywhere you can. Print it out and post anywhere you think appropriate. Post it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. The more people who know about Chickenstock, the better poultry swap we’ll have.

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