Serama Hen & Baby Chicks Video

Serama Hen & Baby Chicks Video

Our Serama hen went broody in February and started setting on a clutch of eggs at the same time I put a bunch of eggs in my incubator to hatch. We both started on Feb. 4th.

This Feb. was cold, snowy and nasty. It got below 0 degrees Fahrenheit many times. A few of her eggs froze and broke. I figured she would never hatch any of her eggs and wrote it off. She would not get off the nest though.

On the evening of Feb. 22nd I locked down my incubator and woke up on Feb. 24th (WHAT) to peeping. A couple little guys were bowling the other eggs all over the place. I continued to hatch out chicks until the 27th. Never have had a hatch take this long. Weird.

Is That Peeping I Hear?

On the evening of March 2nd I went out to close up the coop for the night. Did I hear peeping? Yepper. She did it. Two little heads were peeking out from under the Serama hen. The next day she hatched out yet another. That hen sat on eggs in freezing temps for over 26 days. What a little trooper she is. The cold must have slowed down the hatch. I finally took the last eggs, which never pipped, but did have mostly developed dead chicks in them, and disposed of them. She had done enough.

The next day I introduced her to some of the smaller chicks I had hatched in my HovaBator incubator a few days earlier and she promptly tucked them under her wings. What a great little Serama hen! Enjoy the video.

Photo of Serama hen and chicks.

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4 Responses to “Serama Hen & Baby Chicks Video”

  1. Familiar sounds I haven’t heard for too many years. Nature has done such a great job with most of our animal friends. Don’t think there are any flakes in the chicken house. Every one of them knows what their job is and they will do it. Thanks for the video.
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  2. david says:

    This looks like an oeg chick.

  3. admin says:

    I agree. We bought her early in our chicken venture. She does produce nice Serama type chicks though. We are now growing out some young Serama chicks from Jerry’s in LA. to improve our Serama lines.

  4. Jade says:

    I was thinking of building a farm quite like this. What could be better and sure money than breeding chickens and waiting for them to hatch? Anyway, thanks for sharing your nice post about that!

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