How Much Space Do Chickens Need?

How Much Space Do Chickens Need?

Many people hesitate to get chickens, because they think they don’t have room for them. Well, if you have room for a parrot in your home, you have room for a chicken.

Especially the small breeds like Serama. They do very well in a cage and love the attention. Our Sultans beg to be brought inside, especially if it is cold out. They were bred for a hot climate, so like the warmth and extra attention they get inside.

Baby Chicks

When chicks are first hatched they only need about half a square foot per chick. At about two to four weeks old, they’ll need about a square foot per chick. At about six weeks they should be ready to go outside, but if not then increase their area to two square feet per chick.

Adult Bantams and Large Fowl

You need to know that you’ll need less room for Bantams and the smaller large fowl such as Leghorns. You’ll need more room for the larger breeds, like Rhode Island Red, Wyandotte, Orphington, etc. If you plan on raising the really big breeds like Jersey Giants just plan accordingly. Everything will have to be bigger.

As standard size or Large Fowl (LF) chicks grow up and go out to their coop and run, or ideally to free-range, they will need 4-6 square foot per chicken in the coop and 10-20 square foot per chicken in the run.

Bantam sizes will need less space. Ideally 3-4 square foot in the coop and 8-10 square foot in the run.

Of course different people have different opinions on this. This is just a good rule of thumb though, and remember that more is always better than less. Crowding just encourages disease, poo buildup and pecking problems. Basically, if your chickens look crowded, they probably are. Downsize the flock or build on.

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