What Can You Do With Egg Shells?

What Can You Do With Egg Shells?

What To Do With Egg Shells…

Everyone has egg shells left over from cooking and hatching, and most egg shells end up in the trash or down the garbage disposal.

What A Waste!

Whole egg shells are not very good at getting composted either and most just end up in the bottom of your compost pile. Also, if you dump them in the compost you can attract some nasty varmints and buggies.

So what can you do with egg shells?

What I do… is put them on a baking sheet in the oven and bake them for about 5 minutes at around 350 degrees when I get a bunch of them collected. You could also microwave them on a paper plate for a couple minutes. Cooking them makes them easy to crush and they’ll almost crush into a powder. It’s amazing how much crushed shell you can get from just one dozen egg shells!

Cooking the shells also keeps the chickens from recognizing the taste and turning into egg eaters. Don’t want that, now do we? It also makes them less appealing to the compost pile prowlers.

Some people just put them in a blender with some water and  blend them up. I still like to cook mine a bit. Like I said previously… don’t want the chickens getting a taste for eggs or worse yet having something make a mess out of my compost pile.

I either feed them to my chickens, because it is a great, free source of calcium, or mix them with old coffee grounds and add it to my compost I use on my garden or for house plants.

Don’t Toss Out The Water!

The water you boil eggs in has a lot of residual calcium in it too. After it cools, use it to water your plants or use in your compost pile.

If you have acid soil, composting egg shells is a great idea, but egg shells are not ideal for alkaline soil as it adds more alkalinity to the soil. FYI, coffee grounds are good for both types of soil.

Egg shells also aerate the soil and help keep it loose. Crushed egg shells also deter slugs. They won’t crawl over anything sharp. So stop throwing out those egg shells. There is a use for everything!

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  1. Vic says:

    Cool. I never thought of that before.
    Vic recently posted..Poultrygeist at Gower’s Feed in Ranson, WV

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